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This term defines a wide range of activities , vaults to achieve visual artifacts that serve the system of ‘ information and communication technologies. The visual artifacts , are presented as an intermediary between the client and the public, “medium” , mainly are intended for serial production . They are made from shapes, signs , both alphabetical and iconic merged into a ‘ unique context in order to create an idea. WHAT ARE THE FIGURES OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION ? Join the psyche of the subject in a completely different way depending on who looks at him and conveys the feelings and meanings in an unconscious or conscious . Then leave to understand the psyche of the beholder , we will study the elements that create visual communication to finish by studying some successful cases ( case history ) . Those who work in the field of visual communication, mainly deals with artifacts convey some features:


Graphic artists, visual communicators , graphic designers , visual engineer , art director and creative advertising figures are present in the world of visual communication past and present .

There is a definition above all , that of graphic designers, allows us to capture some aspects of the visual cumunicazione in a more precise and detailed .

Visual messages have a double benefit because they are both quick to perceive both prove capable of communicating with people in different languages.

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