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Hello guys, here is a brief video collection from which to get ideas for your projects, created in After Effects or 3D programs, see C4D, Maya … I hope the video can be to your liking and visual stimulus / creative! Enjoy   

  • World Of Motion from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.
  • An exploration in nostalgia, the “World Of Motion” is a tribute to man’s various achievements in transportation and technology. For more information visit: colinhesterly.com / twitter.com / colinhesterly



  • macro kingdom II from clemento on Vimeo.
  • Created by Clemens Wirth
  • This is my second attempt at macro universe, this time I had the help of Florian Rinnerthaler, who made the Sounddesign.
  • Thanks also to Florian Eidenhammer for butterflies. 5DmarkII MP-E 65mm_______________________________________________________________


  • Spherikal from  on Vimeo.

  • Small animation made ​​to test and explore all possible graphic to represent the idea of the ball, thinking it always in search of Gestalt and form. All done in 3d, I was interested in the interest graph, flatten the surface, using only two colors. Making the transitions between the different types of representation of the sphere, morphing and metamorphosis has been a daunting task. For a description of the project, all these frames more frames of the scenes that were not included, please visit – behance.net/gallery/Spherikal/3565597 It was all done in Cinema 4d R13, all with the MoGraph module. Compositing and post in After Effects – Sound: Brand X Music

  • The Animation of Man – 2012 from   on Vimeo.

  • My graduation project. I wanted to create something that not only would be just fun to watch, but also tell more about the process of animation. I animated all using ToonBoom, then I printed it all. I using the technique of stop-motion and I re-created the animation again. All this has allowed us to show you the ‘enormous amount of work that must be done in animation. Hope you like it!

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